ON THE PAVEMENT​/​/​MACHINES IN THE QUIET (single​/​/​b​-​side)

by Michael Parallax

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released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved
I found the light in the quiet;
in the spaces between you and I.
in the basement
i was enraged but i kept it inside.
and i tried but you were vacant
i wish you would shake me
and take me aside
walking in silence
letting the pavement finally decide.

there's a light in your heart
i can see that it's there
even when it's not there
there's a car in the fog
on the bridge it's clear
go check your face in the mirror
are your eyes still tired
are your lips still chapped
have your teeth grown straight
is your tongue held back.
there's a hole in your hand
it's the size of everyone
you ever tried to hold on to

if it came down to you or me
i think you're better off alone
if it came down to you or me
i think i'm better off alone
Track Name: MACHINES IN THE QUIET (b-side)
i think i saw the ghost of the summer pass
as light streams under the floorboards
everybody's lying about the broken hearts
buried alive in the courtyard

Who could love you?

you couldn't stop talking about the silver sleeves
that you left somewhere in harlem
i tried to wrap our bodies up in all of the leaves
so i could hide us from the autumn

who couldn't love you?

I saw you leading the motorcade to the riot
machine guns running quietly in the night

diamonds guns and gold all the things that i sold
when i heard your voice in the choir
if you want to hold somebody closer to you
you gotta hold em up to the fire
couldn't stop singing about a silvery city
that runs through your blood like a wire
i think i heard a voice in breathing machine
say that all we need is desire